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Found this review on inspireUX very helpful. What are some other usability testing / recording apps people can use to test UI designs on mobile devices?

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This workshop will lead participants through an exercise that the authors have utilized in their information architecture and design work at Vanguard to validate that their proposed website designs are well-suited to the target audiences for which they are being developed. We have found this exercise to be revelatory in its exposure of possible information and feature gaps, navigational points of pain, and ill-chosen link names and section labels, and hope to convey to the participants how valuable this simple exercise can be in determining the “rightness” of any assemblage of design treatments for its proposed audience(s).

The exercise at the heart of this workshop involves five basic steps, as follows.

1) The authors will provide a quick overview of the persona development process, for those who are not familiar with it.

2) We will then hand out one set each of personas and preliminary wireframes for a specific website.

3) Participants will work in small groups to walk through the site from the perspective of one of the personas, in order to determine:

•  What pages will be of primary and secondary interest to the personas

•  What paths the personas are likely to take to get to those pages

•  What points of confusion the personas might encounter on the way to collecting the information they are looking for

4) The workshop participants will share their findings with the other teams.

5) As a group, we will then revisit the wireframes, asking such questions as:

What gaps and points of confusion did you identify? Are there any key features of types of information your persona would look for and miss in the proposed site design? What would you change about the design going forward?

We will then wrap up the session by asking the participants for their thoughts on how they might utilize this exercise in their work.

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Communicating Design, by Dan Brown

Dan Brown’s Communicating Design contains a wealth of examples of the ten main types of documentation that can inform a web site design.  Brown begins by describing three key user needs documents (personas, usability test plans, and usability reports), then moves on to discussing strategy documents (competitive analyses, concept models, and content inventories) and ends with a detailed analysis of four types of design documents (site maps, flow charts, wireframes and screen designs).


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