Our connected brains

Our connected brains

Great article from the School of Life site on what the “connected life” is doing to our brains (and our souls?).


The User is Drunk

The User is Drunk

This is the best approach to UX design that I’ve seen in all my years of doing this stuff. Hilarious, too! https://www.youtube.com/embed/r2CbbBLVaPk

Fascinating infographic

Check out this amazing infographic from InformationIsBeautiful.net.

Found this review on inspireUX very helpful. What are some other usability testing / recording apps people can use to test UI designs on mobile devices?

Wow – pretty violent reaction from this content strategist to the idea of responsive design. Some valuable nuggets of truth in there, though. Here’s a snippet:

Jumping on the responsive web design bandwagon before developing a formal, repeatable content strategy, and ensuring it is connected to your content delivery mechanisms means you have not thought through the process. Not doing so is irresponsible, unprofessional, and a big waste of money.

Read the full article by Scott Abel on eContent magazine .

Here’s the YouTube video to go with the presentation slides below.


Pretty interesting stuff.


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